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Report on the state of Planning

Scarica il Report Inu 2000 (a cura di P. Properzi, cura dell’ed. ingl. di M.C.)

The first part of the Report considers the activities of planning and development control, expressed by the various institutional actors and in various forms, not so much in their absolute, regular dimension, significant as this may be: Laws (national, regional), national Programmes and Plans, regional Plans and Frameworks, provincial and municipal Plans) as in their relations, in a perspective of reform of the country.

Many things are changing, very quickly, more than a report is able to grasp by drawing on quantitative data; this change concerns a complex, tendentially rigid planning system, which tends to maintain (defend) precisely the most solid parts, making them paradoxically less open to change. With respect to this uncertain transition phase a number of questions emerge however, and it will be useful to focus on them also to understand better and to help this change.

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