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Changing Places Urbanity, Citizenship, and Ideology in New European Neighbourhoods

by Marco Cremaschi and Frank Eckardt, Techne, Amsterdam, 2011

This book investigates the process of change in some European neighbourhoods, either newly and purposely built, or redeveloped from ashes. The book tries to offer evidence of many varied and complex paths of change, far from the mainstream simplified models of general urban evolution. The […]

Beyond high-rise housing: urban policies in Italy

scarica il testo

“Beyond High-rise housing in Italy”, in R. Turkington, R. Van Kempen, F. Wassemberg, a cura di, High-rise housing in Europe, Routledge, 2003.

The high‑rise housing issue stands in between different approaches, as the simple matter of definition points out quite clearly. The high-rise “label” (here in after, a building with 5 storeys […]

Report on the state of Planning

Scarica il Report Inu 2000 (a cura di P. Properzi, cura dell’ed. ingl. di M.C.)

The first part of the Report considers the activities of planning and development control, expressed by the various institutional actors and in various forms, not so much in their absolute, regular dimension, significant as this may be: Laws (national, regional), […]

The role of trust and social Regulation in the Integrated Programmes

Bonds of trust, The experience of Urban-Italia Bagheria Bagheria, novembre 2008

Urban regeneration programmes are not common in Italy; in general, Italian urban policies do not offer a wide spectrum of such experiences. Only in the last twenty years has there been an attempt to turn […]

Urban policy in Italy: not so absent, after all

“Politica urbana: un’assenza solo parziale, Urbanistica, 130, 2006, pp.12-19

Takling urban policy in Europe, a first warning should regard the link between city and development, along with the discourse which has evolved around the theory of urban competitiveness. This condition is crucial, but not easy to bring about. Changes that involve the cities, especially in […]

The spatial logic of European actions

Urban and Spatial European Policies: LEVELS OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, EURA Conference in Turin, 18-20 April 2002

The area based initiatives have become a common feature of urban policies in many countries of Europe; even more, the European Commission has located local actions […]

Urban actions and the making of a European spatial policy

“Urban Actions And The Making Of A European Spatial Policy”, Urban Affairs Association 32nd Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, March 20-23, 2002

Europe has a geographical necessity, according to the French geographer Lévy (1997), because it has always compelled people and nations to continuously rework its social fabric, integrating differences in “larger” identities. Space […]

Making space and escape attempts: the housing practices in post-industrial cities

International Housing Conference, Housing in Southern Europe, a separate path?, Madrid, 2-4 dec. 1998

Social practices are open to a twin analytical understanding, according to the double meaning of social links to which they contribute: either they are an expression of the different forms of sociability, and thus they can be presented […]

Family strategies and housing practices in Italy

International Housing Conference, Housing in Southern Europe, a separate path?, Madrid, 2-4 dec. 1998

Nobody seems to doubt that housing is a “mature” issue in Italy. Basic needs are satisfied, as in many other European Countries, a good level of housing provision has been attained, most common housing indicators are doing […]

Integrated programmes: a family portrait

“Un ritratto di famiglia”, Urbanistica 119, 2002

This paper stresses the apparent “family resemblance” of a variety of integrated programmes focusing on spatial development.

Integrated local actions have been promoted in several fields in the last ten years. […]

The dark side of social capital: crime, development, and social regulations in Southern Italy

Dark side, Aesop Naples 2007

Although one could expect a growing interest in the influence of the several mafia organizations on spatial phenomena, little attention has been paid to the permeability of land use planning to illegal business. Instead, the control of space, and thus of spatial development, is […]

Moving crowds and the abstraction of XXI century citizenship

In the original aim the study of crowd encroached such different areas as individuality, proximity and the communication process.

Urban planners practices and their views on city have been affected for a long time by the negative view: crowd is stigmatised as dangerous, dirty, and disorganised. Odd enough, late […]

The long century of modern housing in Italy

The long century

Modern housing policies span well over the short boundaries of the second half of the 20th century, while first experimentation date back to the Enlightenment and interesting achievements were recorded even during the first Machine Age. As for comparative purposes, however, it is a common habit to look to some fifty […]


“Amman” (con G. Piccinato), capitolo VI in UNCHS-Habitat, SUP, Informal Settlement Upgrading, the demand for capacity building in six pilot cities, a research study conducted with the support of the governement of Italy, Habitat, Nairobi, 1998

Introduction (1)

Although “Jordan … has received scant urban research” (Bonnie et al. […]

The “lite” Europeanization of spatial development policies

University Center for International Studies – University of Pittsburgh – February 2004

During the 1990s the European Union consistently re-tuned its approach to the European territory by promoting new initiatives, policy networks and concepts. The concept of spatial development, a neologism, combines the German practice of regulatory planning of physical and […]